Delivery to UWBC Freezer Guidelines

UWBC Freezer – Only DNA (e.g. genomic, amplified) or DNA libraries may be submitted in this fashion. For submission of biological samples, please see Submissions by Appointment

  1. Service request must be registered through UWBC Requester Portal and APPROVED before samples are received.
  2. You will receive an email notification when your request is approved. Once approved, samples can be submitted to the freezer inside the Biotech Center from 8am-4pm (see UWBC Freezer Location image below).
  3. Print a copy of the Service Request Summary created during the submission process. This can be downloaded during the process or by later going to the submission record and downloading. Place the printed manifest into the filing tray on top of the freezer.
  4. Samples in tubes should be placed inside a bag (provided by UWBC). Place bagged samples or plates directly into the appropriate bin within the freezer (DNA or Prepared Library).
  5. Staff members will be collecting samples in the morning and afternoon. A staff member will contact you before the end of the next business day to confirm receipt.
  6. If samples do not follow guidelines (e.g., labeling, inappropriate vessel), extra charges may be incurred or a notification sent for you to retrieve your samples and correct the issue.
  7. The status of your submission can be checked through the UWBC Requester Portal. The status will appear as “Received” when a staff member has retrieved your samples from the freezer.