Delivery By Shipping Guidelines

Shipping – For submission of DNA, libraries, or biological samples (tissues, cells, etc.).

  1. Service request must be registered through UWBC Requester Portal and APPROVED before samples are received.
  2. Print a copy of the Service Request Summary created during the submission process. This can be downloaded during the process or by later going to the submission record and downloading.
  3. You will receive an email notification when your request is approved. Once approved, samples can be shipped at your convenience to the address below.
  4. Ensure that all applicable local, state, or federal regulations are followed when shipping biological samples. If biological samples are transported/received in an unsafe manner, staff will dispose of samples in accordance with our biological safety protocols.
  5. The printed Service Request Summary must be included within your shipping container.
  6. You will receive an automated email once your samples are received. The status of your submission can also be checked through the UWBC Requester Portal. The status will appear as “Received” if the samples arrived in good condition. If any discrepancies are noted upon unpacking, the status will appear as “Received with Issue” and you will also receive an automated email. That automated email will be followed by an email from a staff member to clarify/remedy any issue.
  7. If samples do not follow guidelines (e.g., labeling, inappropriate vessel) or a manifest doesn’t accompany the shipment, extra charges may be incurred.