Requests for services are made within the UWBC Requester Portal, where you will have access to a guided submission process, be able to monitor the status of all requests on the lab-associated account, and see specific charges attributed to each request. 

Before you deliver samples to the DNA Sequencing facility, please look at all applicable guidelines in the expandable menu below.

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Guidelines for Submitting DNA for Library Preparation or Already Prepared Libraries

Guidelines for Submitting Biological Samples (e.g., Tissues, Cells, Other Inputs) for DNA Extraction

The DNA Sequencing Facility Provides DNA extraction services for downstream use in multiple applications and on multiple sequencing platforms. The guidelines below are grouped based on application/platform.

Standard DNA Extraction (Illumina – all applications, Oxford Nanopore/PacBio – metagenomics and amplicon)

    • Plant tissues
    • Whole blood
    • Animal, insect, other tissues
    • Animal and bacterial cells
    • Saliva or buccal cells
    • Fecal and soil samples
    • Environmental (dust, swab, filter, etc.) samples

High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction (Oxford Nanopore/PacBio – whole genome)

    • Plant tissues
    • Whole blood
    • Animal tissues
    • Animal and bacterial cells

Guidelines for Submitting DNA or Libraries for QC or Other Non-Sequencing Services

The DNA Sequencing Facility provides additional a la carte services. Note that some of these services may be included in library preparation and sequencing services. Click the link below to view the guidelines applicable to your service request.

Standard DNA QC (quantification and size analysis)

High Molecular Weight DNA QC (NanoDrop, quantification, size analysis with Femto Pulse)

DNA Shearing (Covaris M220 focused-ultrasonication)

DNA Size Selection (PippinHT or BluePippin)

PCR and Other DNA Cleanup (SPRI bead Cleanup and Size Selection)

High- and Low-Throughput Fluormetric Quantification

Guidelines for Sample Delivery

The DNA Sequencing Facility has multiple ways for you to deliver your DNA, libraries, or biological samples.


UWBC FreezerOnly DNA or libraries may be submitted in this fashion. No biological samples (tissues, cells, etc.) allowed in this freezer.

By AppointmentOnly for submission of biological samples (tissues, cells, etc.). DNA and library submission should be done via the UWBC freezer.

Shipping – For submission of DNA, libraries, or biological samples (tissues, cells, etc.) by courier.