Specialized Instruments

We are happy to offer several other instruments that can provide important information about your DNA or provide support data to your library construction or sequencing analysis.
Please click through the list below to read more about each instrument and how it could be beneficial to your research project.

The Femto Pulse utilizes pulsed-field capillary electrophoresis to visualize the size of DNA samples, including high molecular weight DNA. The sensitivity of the instrument allows for detection of nucleic acid smears and fragments in the lower femtogram range. It is one of the best technologies for long-range resolution because it can separate high molecular weight DNA through 165 kb.

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The Blue Pippin applies pulsed-field electrophoresis technology to size select DNA for downstream applications (i.e. library preparation). This machine is extremely beneficial for high molecular weight applications due to its high pass filter that allows you to collect all fragments above a specified threshold.

The Pippin HT allows for cost-effective, mid-throughput DNA size selection. This system generates highly accurate, size-selected DNA that can improve sequencing results.

With the use of DNA standards, this system provides quantitative results to determine the presence and abundance of a sample/library. It has fast ramping rates, tight uniformity, and 5 channels to accurately quantify DNA and RNA throughout PCR.

We offer walk-up service on our Bio-Rad CFX96. Please contact the facility ahead of time to set up a time to come in and set up your run. Have your plates ready to go on the instrument before you come in. You can specify run parameters (time, channels, etc) as desired. Your data is available on a server shortly after the run completes.  Please contact us at nextgen-seq@biotech.wisc.edu to schedule access or if you have any questions.

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The Quantus is used to quantify double stranded DNA samples using fluorescence. It can quantify samples with concentrations from 0.01 ng/ul to 50 ng/ul.

The 4200 TapeStation System uses automated electrophoresis for sizing and quality assessment of extracted DNA and prepared libraries. The Tapestation is capable of analyzing DNA ranging in size from 35-1000 bp or 200 to >60,000 bp.

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Unless otherwise specified, all data and reagents distributed by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center DNA Sequencing Facility are intended for research purposes only. They are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.  Clinical services are provided through our collaboration with the UW Collaborative Genomics Core.