Sanger Sequencing

Effective 9/1/2023, Sanger Sequencing is being replaced by Long-Read Amplicon Sequencing and Analysis and Plasmid Sequencing and Assembly services

Thank you to all of our Sanger sequencing clients. We look forward to serving your needs with these new services.

Our Long-Read Amplicon Sequencing provides many enhancements absent with Sanger sequencing. Sanger sequencing has limitations in the length of amplicon that can be reasonably sequenced (~ 600bp); has difficulty generating a clean trace when even minor off-target product is present; and is incapable of providing phased results when more than one variant exists. Now, amplicons ranging in size from hundreds to thousands of base pairs can be sequenced quickly and inexpensively without Big Dye reactions or modification of existing amplification protocols. Simply bead-clean your PCR reactions and provide them to us. If your PCR reaction produces a distinct band – even if there are some less intense off-target bands – UWBC can sequence it. Our current Long-Read Amplicon Sequencing service also generates data that, in most cases, can phase mutations in diploid organisms. The potential for providing that information for polyploid organisms is also being explored.

Our Plasmid Sequencing and Assembly also provides features that a traditional Sanger verification method lacks. Our Plasmid Sequencing and Assembly service can provide you the entire sequence of your plasmid, assembled and annotated, even for inserts of several hundreds to thousands of bp. With our service, your insert doesn’t need to be amplified out of the construct; you no longer need to interpret unclear, confusing, or “noisy” chromatograms; you can forget the complication and expense of primer walking; and you don’t have to settle for sequencing just a portion of your insert as “confirmation.” Be confident moving forward with your next cloning experiment – sequence your entire construct!