High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction

High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction

Service Description 

We provide high molecular weight (HMW) DNA extraction services for whole blood, bacteria, fungi, plant tissue, and mammalian tissue. We follow a variety of published and vetted extraction protocols dependent on the specific sample type. Not all sample types behave the same when following our tissue specific protocols and a few extraction attempts may be necessary before successfully yielding high quality, HMW DNA. We highly recommend that you schedule a meeting with our expert extraction specialists to discuss your project and specific sample type before submission.

Due to the stringency of our downstream sequencing platforms, we perform spectrophotometry, quantification, and size analysis of the extracted DNA. This HMW DNA QC is included with extraction. More information can be found here.

We also work with researchers to extract HMW DNA from sample types other than those listed above and, for those interested, we offer Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) DNA Extraction services. We use UHMW DNA to secure incredibly long, continuous reads off of Oxford Nanopore Technologies Platforms. Please inquire at nextgen-seq@biotech.wisc.edu about projects involving DNA sources not listed.


Sequencing Recommendations  

We recommend that HMW DNA is sequenced on our long-read technology that is designed specifically to work with high quality, HMW input. Learn more about Oxford Nanopore Technologies and PacBio.

You can also choose to sequence a portion of your extracted samples on short read technology. If you think this could be beneficial for your project, please check out our WGS- Short Read page for more information.

Please note: All human samples collected during and after November 2019 are considered COVID-19 pandemic specimens. If you would like DNA extracted from these types of samples please contact the facility to discuss the details of your project.

Access our Interactive Submission Guidelines and get the exact guidance you need to prepare, label, and deliver your samples.


If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us at nextgen-seq@biotech.wisc.edu

High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction Pricing

Effective 12/1/21

* High molecular weight DNA QC is included in the cost of extraction.

Unless otherwise specified, all data and reagents distributed by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center DNA Sequencing Facility are intended for research purposes only. They are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use. Clinical services are provided through our collaboration with the UW Collaborative Genomics Core.