Next Generation Sequencing Core

Contact Information

  • Joshua R. Hyman, Ph.D.
    Core Director

Room 1320
Biotechnology Center
425 Henry Mall Madison WI 53706



The Next Gen DNA Sequencing Core is a state of the art lab that employs advanced techniques and knowledge to your genomic questions. We employ Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore technologies and related approaches to address your research needs. We thrive on collaborations for new and exciting projects as well as providing the basic data that drives your day to day research.

Pricing for Illumina sequencing will change on March 1st, 2023. 


Unless otherwise specified, all data and reagents distributed by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center DNA Sequencing Facility are intended for research purposes only. They are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use. Clinical services are provided through our collaboration with the UW Collaborative Genomics Core.

We will be closed for the following 2022 holidays:

4th of July – July 5th

Labor Day – September 6th

Thanksgiving – November 25th and 26th

Christmas – December 24th and 25th

New Years Eve –  December 31st

*please note that during the week between Christmas and New Years Eve we will be short staffed and turnaround times may vary.